Document Internal Database

When using the document internal database as a base to import data from other databases it might be useful to delete all records that were imported.
If added to "Before Database Import", the command database.exec("DELETE FROM yourstablename");  will delete all database records (table structure will not be changed) before each database import.



This tool can be useful in a production environment.

This sample was created to automatize the import process when using database with same column names.

A document internal database should be created using the same database column names.
Please note that an extra column, for example ID (by default), which is the document internal database primary key, must be created.

Original table columns: Column1, Column2, Column3.
Document Internal Database columns: ID, Column1, Column2, Column3.

After importing the original database is deleted.

Sample *.card and database are available for download.

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When using document internal database, it is not advised to save images in the database. It is possible to use indexed images tool.

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