In this category you will find general information about databases in cardPresso.

For technical information on how to connect, use and manage databases in cardPresso please visit our Database section here.


Yes, cardPresso includes a MS Access (Windows) / SQLite (Mac) database for your use with sample data for database features demonstration.

Yes it possible, you can connect to read-only files using the included Direct CSV and TXT File driver to a variety of delimiters.

Yes, cardPresso supports editing for most database formats that support ODBC/OLE DB including Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, FoxPro, dBase, Oracle, MySQL and more.

New records can be easily added using the integrated editor and existing records may be modified.

Yes, cardPresso includes a database view for easy database management like, edit, search and filter records, among other operations.

If your database is ODBC/OLE DB compliant then it should work with cardPresso.

If you are unsure please contact cardPresso technical support at

cardPresso supports all databases that are ODBC/OLE DB compliant.

Easy connectivity is provided to popular databases including Microsoft Access, Excel, .CSV and .TXT.

cardPresso has been verified to work with most common database engines including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and more.