Security and License

In this category you find information on how to deal with license recognition, upgrades and net license service.

Security and License

To run cardPresso licensed you need to buy a cardPresso USB License.

You can contact your regular printer supplier or you can e-mail us to

Typically you need one license for each PC where you need the application running and in use for card printing.

If you need more than one license, you can also check our Net License service here (available in XXL edition) that allows you to have up to 16 computers connected, in the same sub-net mask and same scope, using one license.

Yes you can but note that only the PC where the USB key is plugged will run in full licensing mode.

You will need one license for each PC, however you can install cardPresso in more than one PC and then move the USB Pen from one to another in order to run the application.

After receiving the confirmation from your distributor / re-seller, you can go to the menu CP » cardPresso License and then click on Check for Upgrades button.




If you are using a coupon upgrade please mark the check box and insert the coupon number (64 characters, 0-9 & A-F, no O’s or /’s).

The license is then loaded on your USB key and you just need to restart cardPresso.

Go to menu CP » About cardPresso.


cardPresso uses a proprietary licensing system. Each license is stored into the USB Pen delivered on the package.

License / USB Dongle

Please confirm that you are using the latest version of cardPresso available on our website here.

Also confirm that you are writing the upgrade coupon characters (0-9 & A-F, no O’s or /’s) without any space or error. 

If an error occurs, as example – “Security server not responding” – confirm if firewall or proxy isn’t blocking the connection. 

If the error persists please e-mail us to the coupon .pdf.

Please update cardPresso version to the latest version available for your OS here.

 If the license still not being recognized, please go to menu CP »  cardPresso License and use the Recover Online/Check for Upgrades button:

 Close cardPresso and open it again.

If the issue persists e-mail us to the following information:

1.  Is the dongle connected in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port? Please confirm if the recognition changes with the port type or when connected to an externally powered USB hub.

2.  Are you able to access the dongle through your operating system and see the folders inside it?

3.  How is the device recognized under Windows Disk Management? Email us a print screen of that window (as in the example below).



Please confirm that the device is not allowed to go to sleep according to your current Power Options settings.



If the issue persists please e-mail us - - the following information:

1- Does the dongle's green light stays on?

2 -Do you have the same results when connecting the dongle to another USB port?

3 - Print screen of:

    CP » cardPresso License                         and             CP » USB Devices



Net License Service

This service allows you to connect more than one computer using a single dongle.

The Net License service allows 16 computers to run cardPresso XXL edition with a single USB pen.

The pen is connected to a computer designated as Server and the 15 other computers are designated as Clients, although from a Network Administration perspective all 16 computers are just regular clients.

All 16 computers have to be connected to the same Network Scope and Subnet mask, therefore, if the “License Server” is in address “” the client computers have to belong to the “192.168.1.XXX” scope.