Yes cardPresso supports duplex printing with printers that support such feature.

Go to menu File » Print Settings.



Yes cardPresso provides the needed features to encode (magnetic, smartcard and contactless) and print in one pass.

All printers are supported via Printer Driver by printing feature.

To combine print and encode please confirm in the available list in CP » Printer Drivers.



Printing Issues

If the text is not printed, please go to menu File » Print Settings » Print Options and change the Rendering Black option to Send as RGB and MonoChrome.


 If the issue persists please send us the *.card file to, informing us what is the printer you are using.





If using double-sided printers please confirm that you are sending the print job according to the options below:

- Send the print job from cardPresso to Print Front + Print Back with the printer set to Dual sided. The front side of the design has to be empty and the Overlay has to be disabled in the driver for the front side (otherwise the Spooler will assume that you are sending the front page to print). 
- Send the print job from cardPresso to Print Back  with the printer set to only print the back side.

Type Ctrl + A and confirm that there are no empty items on the card design.

Note that some empty items are behind the images, check in the front side and in the back side.

After deleting the empty items re-test the print job.

It is possible to check the Grayscale option under cardPresso’s Image tab (available after selecting the image object on the layout) to modify only the image that will be printed on the card layout without modifying the database content.



 To print the image in Monochrome, please test the following:

 Select the image object on the layout, go to its Source tab and set the Open image editor option to Yes.


When you click the Print button, cardPresso’s image editor will open. Use the Color to Monochrome button to edit the image and then click the Save Changes  button.

Please note that with this process, the Photo Editor will open once for every record that is viewed in cardPresso, including the record following the end of the print job, as that is the record that will be displayed in the application at the end of the print operations.

If the error in the print screen below appears to you,

please go to File » Print Settings and select the Overlay Mode » Disabled

You can also update cardPresso to the latest version available on our website here where this option is set by default.

If you are not able to see the printer 

please go to CP menu and click Clear Config.

 Please note that this operation does not delete any of the content (either cards or databases) you might have created with cardPresso; the application will only revert printer jobs registry and used configurations.

  And click Yes in the message box.


Next, open cardPresso's menu File » Print Settings, use the Refresh button (red highlighted in the print screen below) and confirm that your intended printer (especially if there are any copies of the printer) is selected in the drop down list.




If the result of a print job is a blank card, please go to your card design area, select each item and confirm that in the Item tab, the Print options is Yes.

Also, please confirm that when you are sending the print job (CP » PrintPrint Front option (if that is the case) is marked.


If some of the items are not being printed, please go to your card design area, select each item and confirm that in the Item tab, the Print option is Yes.


If you are not able to see the printer please go to CP menu and click Clear Config.

This procedute will not delete any files but the printer jobs registry and used configurations.


 Click Yes in the message box.


After that please go to File » Print Settings and click in the Refresh button.


It is expected that the printer appears in cardPresso.


Overlay, UV and F Panel

In this category you will find more information on how to configure cardPresso and printer's driver to print overlay, UV or F Panel.


  • XPS Driver
  • SD360 
  • SP75

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP)

  • CX-D80


  • Avansia


  • HDP5000
  • HDP5600


  • Smart30
  • Smart50
  • Smart70


  • Hiti CS200e


  • XID8300
  • XID8600


  • PR-C201


  • Zebra ZXP7
  • Zebra ZXP8

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