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Frequently Asked Question


What's cardPresso?

cardPresso is a Professional software used to design, print and encode ID cards.

What are the available editions of cardPresso?

cardPresso is available in 5 scalable editions (XXS, XS, XM, XL and XXL), which go from simple card designing and printing to more and even more advanced operations.

For more information on which cardPresso features are available on each one of them, please access our EDITIONS table.

Which Operating Systems are supported by cardPresso?

Windows 7/8/10/11, Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019, Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13 or higher (32 or 64 bit)

What is the Production Mode?

Production Mode is a simplified mode that allows to manage database records and print cards restricting the access to the design.

Available from the XS edition, the production mode can be used on kiosks, events registration or on your daily basis when using cardPresso.

Click here to access the technote.

Which are the limitations of the Demonstration Mode?

When running cardPresso in the Demonstration Mode, a watermark saying “cardPresso” will be printed in the card.

In order to avoid the above behavior, you must acquire a cardPresso USB or Activation Code license.

To check which is the edition that meets your needs please check our Edition’s table.

How can I run cardPresso licensed?

You must either physically connect a cardPresso USB or apply an Activation Code to license our software.

Using a cardPresso USB, you must always ensure the same is physically connected to the target computer, before our software being executed, in order for the license to be detected in the loading process.

Using an Activation Code, the running system must allow the communication with our domain (, through the ports 8080, not only to initially apply the license, but to load the applied license afterwards.

For any license acquisition and the respective price information, please contact your current cardPresso reseller or send an e-mail to

Card Design

Can I save or export an image located on card area?

It is possible to export an image stored on a cardPresso layout, by right-clicking with your mouse in the respective item and choosing the Export Image option.

Can I acquire images from a digital camera, webcam or scanner using cardPresso?

Yes, cardPresso will work with any Directshow, WIA or TWAIN compliant device, using any software edition.

It is also compatible with any device supported by the latest Canon EOS SDK, using and XM or higher edition.

How to print images in monochrome without changing the original image.

It is possible by selecting the image item in question, going to its “Image” tab on the right and enabling the “Monochrome” checkbox.


Some items are not being printed

If some of the items are not being printed, please go to your card design area, select each item and confirm that in the Item tab, the Print option is Yes.

There’s also a chance the unprinted items could be corrupted somehow, so we strongly recommend deleting them and creating brand new ones as a replacement.

I printed out my card by it is printed blank

If the result of a print job is a blank card, please go to your card design area, select each item and confirm that in the Item tab, the Print options is Yes.

Also, please confirm that when you are sending the print job (CP » PrintPrint Front option (if that is the case) is marked.

Last but not least, you must ensure the correct ribbon is selected on the driver settings of the target printer, as well as the desired panels set to be applied on each card side.


What types of databases are supported?

cardPresso supports all the following database connections:

  • Document internal database – available on any software edition
  • TXT/CSV (read-only) and MS Excel – available from the XS edition forward
  • MS Access/SQLite – available from the XM edition forward
  • 32-bit ODBC connectivity (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) – available from the XL edition
  • Active Directory – available on the XXL edition

Can I have a database with two or more images fields connected to cardPresso?

Using our indexed image feature, there’s no limit in the amount of database image fields that can be used.

Security and License

cardPresso runs in demonstration mode / Doesn't recognize the USB license

First, update cardPresso to the latest public 1.7.X build, available in our LATEST RELEASE section.

Then, refer to the following technotes that explain how to correctly format a cardPresso dongle and manually recover its license on Windows and macOS systems.

Windows: How to Recover License Online On Windows
macOS: Recover cardPresso License in Mac OS

In case an error message is being prompted during any of these procedures, please send us a screenshot of it, for our analysis.

Also, provide us a screenshot of your Windows Disk Management or macOS Disk Utility view, so we can verify how your cardPresso USB is being detected through the same.

You can also refer to the respective documentation on how to prevent the cardPresso device from going into a sleep mode and losing its license temporarily.

Windows: Windows USB Power Options
macOS: How to disable Mac Energy Saver for USB devices

If by any chance the reported issue persists afterwards, an Antivirus, Firewall, Proxy or USB encryption tool could be blocking our licensing feature somehow.

That being the case, an exception must be created for the cardPresso dongle, or the device control application needs to remain turned off, at least while our software is being executed.

Kindly send us an e-mail to, in case any USB license issue remains after following all the above steps.

Can I install cardPresso in multiple PCs?

Yes, but note that, outside a Net License environment, only the PC with a connected cardPresso USB or applied Activation Code will be able to run our software in the licensed mode.

Is it possible to use the same license in more than one PC?

Yes, even outside the Net License environment (which allows sharing an active license among multiple computers), you can use the same license on multiple PCs, but only one at a time, where you simply have to physically disconnect and reconnect the USB, and the Activation Code must first be removed, before it can be reapplied anywhere.

How can I check the serial number of my license?

You can verify it under our top CP > About cardPresso menu and the CP > cardPresso License too.


What is the Net License Service?

The Net License service allows the computer with the connected/applied license to share the same with up to other 15 computers that have the same network scope and subnet mask.

For example:
Server IP address:
Server subnet mask:
Client IP address: 10.0.0.X
Client subnet mask:


Elatect TWN4 Legin NFC

The technote below will help you to configure Elatec TWN4 Legic NFC.

Download PDF


When using Duali DE-ABCM in cardPresso it is needed to change the encoder’s mode to PC/SC compliant. Please refer to the technote below.

Download PDF